little fairy lights/umbrellas
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How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.
- A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh   (via e-s-p-r-i-t)
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Julien Macdonald Spring 2011 Details 

Haute Couture blog :)
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I think the most important thing to do in life is to be uncomfortable. Because that’s where you grow. Tell the beautiful stranger that you think he’s beautiful. Sing at the damn karaoke bar. Pick dare over truth. Run a stop sign at 2 a.m. and see what happens. Cry in the movie theater. Steal a kiss, and throw it in your pocket.

And then run back home.

- (via nylonpinksy)
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Tao Fall 2008 Details 
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…And please remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you were.
- Thank you so much for this, h-allo. (via calamityjanie)
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be nice to plants. pet grass. dont step on bugs. feed birds. give water to flowers. don’t hurt bees. tell trees they are cute and confident. tell yourself you are cute and confident. help people. be nice to the earth. 

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罪人 + 情人
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Audrey hepburn
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 if i were a butterfly i would want to live here
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