sorry I haven’t been as active recently guys <3 I am currently making my professional debut (woo!) in a play with lots of lovely people and am having a wonderful time. Sadly not much time left for me to blog, but I will be back when the run is finished! Lots of love X

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Today I went to the art shop, made an origami butterfly, planted some lavender then went for a hot chocolate with my best friend :) nice day. starting to feel a little better too!

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Went to ballet class tonight :) Let&#8217;s hope the hard work makes me feel sleepy so I&#8217;m not still lying awake at 2am again like last night D: hate being ill! waaah! 10 notes // reblog
I feel poorly today, but wearing dungarees makes everything okay :) 35 notes // reblog

I have fallen in love with my Topshop dungarees *-*

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Spring has sprung today! The first delicate flowers to bloom in my garden :) X 11 notes // reblog
Drinking tea from my Cath Kidston mug and getting some work done today.  40 notes // reblog

i think i’ve been massively overpaid. that or i’ve been sleep-working. waaah. i just messaged my boss, and she said she’ll check it all on Monday for me. but it’s making me twitchy. Got about 4 x more than what I’m normally paid. lol. i will remember this day forever as the day i was pretend rich. 


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If you don’t like where you are, move on. You are not a tree.
- Unknown (via psych-facts)
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image  discontent. frustrated. confused. angry. sad. absolutely no reason to be. just blargh imageグッドナイト

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'Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right…'

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I bought the cutest jar the other day&#8230;but I don&#8217;t know what to put in it! D: 35 notes // reblog

Did some weights then couldn’t lift my arms to shampoo my hair.

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Yaaay (: I just booked tickets to see Ella Hickson’s ‘Wendy and Peter Pan,’ at the RSC. I’ve already seen it once but I wanted to take my mum this time because I genuinely loved it so much. It closes in March and I might try and see it a third time. I hope to god one day I can be in a show like that. It was just magical. 

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